About Us

CINIC is an urban art gallery and lifestyle brand that promotes local artists and produces artist-driven apparel. Through the use of flexible physical and online spaces, CINIC seeks to foster interaction between sub-cultures and expose individuals to new and promising artists.

CINIC was founded by Insano in 2012 as a supply store and interactive space  for young street artists. Even though CINIC has changed over the years, its underlying mission has remained the same: to create a platform where art lovers, designers, and artists can come together and interact as both consumers and creators at the same time.

This philosophy is the driving idea behind CINIC’s ongoing Resident Series. CINIC’s pop-up art galleries and one-night events transform urban environments into temporary art galleries where upcoming artists expose their vision to new audiences.

At CINIC our goals are to promote new artistic visions, create artist-designed products, and produce cultural events that support our community.

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